The Town Hall Meeting

On October 30th 2019, the Town Hall meeting was held at the Old High School Gym off Pine Street. The topic of hiring a new City Administrator was a popular discussion. Several questions were presented requesting details as to when and why there has not been one hired. As the spot remains open, the citizens of Butler seem to be getting a little antsy. The council reassured everyone , saying they are in the process of reviewing multiple applicants and even reviewing previous administrators. The question, or rather concern, was raised that the city might be wasting a lot of funds as they continue run through City Administrators. The council again re-assured everyone that they are taking the process very seriously in an effort to not make any mistakes in hiring. They are paying close attention down to the very last detail.

The main topic of the night was the 1% sales tax increase, with a huge discussion and many questions. The City Council continues to reassure citizens that there are many reasons the increase can help the town. A few of the ways the increase could help are: reduce debt, repair the city, and improve the streets and other infrastructure. Another reason they decided on a sales tax increase is that the citizens of Butler have expressed that they do not want an increase in water rates, but that they would support a small sales tax increase. The fact is that the 1-cent increase could add an additional revenue to the City of Butler of $735,000.00 per year.


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