Tidbits, Truth, & Tall Tales

General JO Shelby
Undefeated Rebel to United States Marshal
As the mists of time settle in and the years roll by, the memories of a few extraordinary people and their exploits become legendary and stories of how they lived their lives seem to take on a life of their own. Embellishment becomes fact. Legend becomes myth. Stretching of the truth is accepted as gospel. Oh, how we cherish our heroes…
In the years following the Civil War a concerted effort was put forth to remember what the nation had endured. Authors, editors, historians, and even Congress itself embarked on the monumental task of recording what had occurred. The Official Record of the War of the Rebellion was authorized by Congress in 1866 and in 1901 the final volume, an index, was published. Along with this official accounting of the War, many states and towns undertook the task of publishing their own experiences and remembrances.

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