• The Saga of the Athol Hotel and Game Lodge
    A model of the Athol Hotel & Game Lodge

The Saga of the Athol Hotel and Game Lodge

Editor’s Note:

I received a call a few weeks back from a Glen Dykstra about an article he wrote awhile back in regards to an Athol Hotel and a guy named Blind Boone. My interest was growing on this subject the further we talked. He emailed me what he wrote and sent pictures to include with the article. Thanks goes out to him for sharing this amazing article about our area that we probably would never have known about. This is just a portion of the article and for the next couple of weeks there with be a continuation of the article. Here is a story of forgotten hotel and a blind pianist that became one of the most influential ragtime music composers that ever existed.


I guess we can blame it on Teddy Roosevelt, with his antics in the late 1880’s. With an inheritance that was nearly unlimited, he could do about anything that he wanted. An example, after his wife suddenly died, would be to move from the elite Hyde Park area in New York, to purchasing a large ranch in the Badlands of North Dakota. Several theories are out there, about his desire to become a “rough and tuff” individual. Since he was raised and educated in the super upscale surroundings of his high society neighborhood, where everyone dressed for dinner and certain sophisticated standards had to be met on a daily basis, it seemed to him that the common men were the lucky ones and he was just a sissy, rich boy.







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